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To provide a service to drivers who are meticulous about their prized possessions and thrive for perfection, we have come up with the Ultimate Detail. The SONAX Ultimate Detail is where perfection meets your car, with a finished result that we can proudly call a masterpiece.
The whole process may take up to 2-3 days.

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Package Price


Our Process

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Exterior Decontamination

The process begins with the paint surface treated with SONAX Iron and Tar Remover. We will then proceed with our SONAX Snow Foam Hand Wash, which includes foaming the car twice, thereafter decontaminating the car using our two-bucket method with fresh mitts, brushes and towels. This includes places such as door jams and boot jams, which are commonly overlooked.

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Engine Bay Detail

Protection will first be done to important components of the Engine, such as Battery, Sensors, Intake Filters as well as other necessary parts. We will proceed to remove any dirt and grime within the engine bay, by brushing the area down with our SONAX Engine Cold Cleaner. After the surface is dry and free of contaminants, we will rejuvenate the entire bay with SONAX Plastic Care to give it that shine.

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Wheels Detail

Rims will be treated with our SONAX Profiline Rim Cleaner, meticulously brushed down to remove brake dusts and dirt from all the nooks and crannies. For vehicles that are equipped with Ceramic Brakes, to preserve the brakes, the same process will be done, only with the Rim Cleaner to be substituted with our SONAX Acid-Free Shampoo.

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Wheels Off Detail - Ultimate Package Special

This process involves us removing all 4 wheels from your car after jacking it up on a secure Electronic Hydraulic Jack. Rims will then be deep cleaned again to touch up on areas that were not reached previously while the wheels were still on the car. After drying, Rims and wheel nuts will then be polished and coated with our CC EVO. Steam cleaning will be done on the Suspensions, Brakes, Arms and Wheel Well Arches. CC EVO coating will be done on the Brake Calipers, Suspensions and Wheel Well Arches, giving them the shine that they deserve. Wheels will be torqued back according to factory specifications.

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Premium Interior Detail

The Interior Detail features a deep cleaning of all interior surfaces to remove any dirt, debris and odors. Carpets are shampooed and deep-cleaned with Pressure Steam and Hydro-Extractor. Cloth or Alcantara seats will be cleaned with the SONAX Alcantara and Fabric Cleaner, or leather seats are cleaned with the Profiline Leather Cleaner and nourished with a conditioner. Internal Glass, Storage Compartments and seatbelts will also be cleaned

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ULTIMATE Interior Detail - Ultimate Package Special

To go a further step up from our Premium Interior Detail, we will be removing your seats upon request, to clean places that are usually out of reach. We will also be polishing any interior trims such as piano black trims or wood trims. A full Anti-Bacterial Coating will also be done on all of your interior panels and seats.

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SONAX Air Conditioner Cleaner

SONAX Air Conditioner Cleaner will be used to circulate within the air conditioning system to remove any mold and foul smell, providing a layer of anti-bacterial protection to the whole system.

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Multi-Stage Paint Correction - Ultimate Package Special

To achieve the best finish for your paint, we work panel-by-panel using multiple SONAX compounds and polishing pads only until any defects that can be removed from the paint are completely corrected. After the initial correction we re-inspect the entire vehicle and polish any flaws that remain, eliminating the majority of the total defects.

The Paint, Headlights and Taillights, as well as Plastic Trims will then be finished with 2 layers of coating of the SONAX Profiline Ceramic Coating EVO.

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Glass Coating - Ultimate Package Special

We will finish off with our IGL Coatings Ecocoat for all windows, windscreens and mirrors. This is a 2 Layer Coating System to provide that hydro-phobic effect and reduce fogging of the car’s glass surfaces.

SONAX Profiline Ceramic Coating EVO

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SONAX Ceramic Coating EVO consists of 2 Layers of Coating, CC EVO Base Coat and CC EVO Gloss Coat. They consist of a polymer network of various liquid resins based on silicon, carbon and binding agents suspended in solvents to form a solid and chemical-resistant film.


This means that foreign particles such as dirt, dust and foreign pollution can no longer adhere firmly to the paint, which results in an exceptionally smooth paint surface, UV Protection as well as the Easy To Clean effect. CC EVO will be applied on all applicable surfaces, which includes the Paint, Headlights and Taillights, as well as Plastic Trims.

Regular Maintenance is recommended to preserve the coating for as long as possible.

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