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The SONAX Signature Detail defines what we expect to be the standard of any detailing work.

The Signature Package Includes

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The Ultimate Package Includes

The SONAX Ultimate Detail are for our customers who are meticulous about their prized possessions and strive for perfection.

Signature Package Add-ons

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Evo Ceramic Coating

Consisting of the CC EVO Base Coat and CC EVO Gloss Coat, the EVO Ceramic Coating add-on forms a solid and chemical resistant film protecting the surfaces of your car. Foreign particles such as dirt, dust and foreign pollution can no longer adhere firmly to the paint, which results in an exceptionally smooth paint surface.

Add On Price:

+ $200

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Multi-Stage Paint Correction

To achieve the best finish for your paint, we work panel-by-panel using multiple SONAX compounds and polishing pads only until any defects that can be removed from the paint are completely corrected. After initial correction we will re-inspect the entire vehicle and polish any flaws that remain, eliminating the majority of the total defects.

Add On Price:

+ $400

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Wheels-Off Detailing

Your Car Rims will then be deep cleaned at areas that were not reached previously while the wheels were still on the car. Steam cleaning will be done on the Suspensions, Brakes, Arms and Wheel Well Arches. After drying, the Rims, Wheel Nuts, Brake Calipers, Suspensions and Wheel Well Arches, giving them the shine that they deserve. The Wheels will then be torqued back according to factory specifications.

Add On Price:

+ $350

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Ultimate Interior Detail

To go a further step up from our Premium Interior Detail, we will be removing your seats upon request, to clean places that are usually out of reach. We will also be polishing any interior trims such as piano black trims or wood trims. A full Anti-Bacterial Coating will also be done on all of your interior panels and seats.

Add On Price:

+ $250

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Glass Coating

All windows, windscreens and mirrors will be finished with our IGL Coasting Ecocoat, applying a 2 Layer Coating System to provide that hydro-phobic effect and reduce fogging of the car's glass surfaces

Add On Price:

+ $150

Non - Package Services

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Maintenance Car Spa

Car Spa Package Includes:

- Exterior Decontamination
- Snow Foam Hand Wash
- Interior Cabin Vacuum
- Interior Wipe Down
- Brilliant Shine Detailer


 1 x = $120

 10 x = $1000

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Ultimate Interior Detail

Interior Package Includes:

- Interior Cabin Vacuum
- Interior Hydro Extraction
- Leather & Plastic Cleaning and Conditioning
- Glass Cleaning
- Air-Con Cleaning
- Interior Panels Polishing
- Interior Anti-Bacterial Coating



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Maintenance Detail

Maintencing Detail includes:

- Full Interior Works
- Paint Correction
- Recoat of Ceramic Coating



*Only For Cars coated with SiO2

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Window Tinting

High Grade Tinting Film from Japan (Legal)

Price varies depending on car:

$500 - 700

Maintenance Car Spa
Ultimate Interor Detail
Window Tinting
Maintenace Detail
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