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The SONAX Signature Detail defines what we expect to be the standard of any detailing work. This SONAX Premium Level Detail includes a full interior and exterior detail, providing the best results, without cutting any corners. The finished quality looks so good, your car will look amongst the best.

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Package Price

$600 - Small
$700 - MEDIUM
$800 - Large

Our Process

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Exterior Decontamination

The process begins with the paint surface treated with SONAX Iron and Tar Remover. We will then proceed with our SONAX Snow Foam Hand Wash, which includes foaming the car twice, thereafter decontaminating the car using our two-bucket method with fresh mitts, brushes and towels. This includes places such as door jams and boot jams, which are commonly overlooked.

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Engine Bay Detail

Protection will first be done to important components of the Engine, such as Battery, Sensors, Intake Filters as well as other necessary parts. We will proceed to remove any dirt and grime within the engine bay, by brushing the area down with our SONAX Engine Cold Cleaner. After the surface is dry and free of contaminants, we will rejuvenate the entire bay with SONAX Plastic Care to give it that shine.

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Wheels Detail

Rims will be treated with our SONAX Beast Rim Cleaner, meticulously brushed down to remove brake dusts and dirt from all the nooks and crannies. For vehicles that are equipped with Ceramic Brakes, to preserve the brakes, the same process will be done, only with the Rim Cleaner to be substituted with our SONAX Acid-Free Shampoo.

Premium Interior Detail

The Interior Detail features a deep cleaning of all interior surfaces to remove any dirt, debris and odors. Carpets are shampooed and deep-cleaned with Pressure Steam and Hydro-Extractor. Cloth or Alcantara seats will be cleaned with the SONAX Alcantara and Fabric Cleaner, or leather seats are cleaned with the Profiline Leather Cleaner and nourished with a conditioner. Internal Glass, Storage Compartments and seatbelts will also be cleaned

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SONAX Air Conditioner Cleaner

SONAX Air Conditioner Cleaner will be used to circulate within the air conditioning system to remove any mold and foul smell, providing a layer of anti-bacterial protection to the whole system.

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We will check the thickness of your paint with a paint checker to ensure the safety of your paint work. Next, the car will be treated with a clay bar and wiped down with SONAX Profiline Paint Prepare to remove any remaining contaminants on the paint. Paint Correction will be done using our SONAX compounds to remove majority of the swirls, scratches and defects from your paint and leave a dramatically improved surface. Exhaust Tips will also be deep cleansed and polished with our SONAX Metal Polish.

Paint Correction

SONAX Premium Carnauba Wax



For our Signature Detail, you have a choice to finish the Paint Correction with our SONAX Premium Carnauba Wax or SONAX CC ONE Ceramic Coating.

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SONAX Premium Carnauba Wax is a wax made from carnauba plants and is the highest quality of wax. It gives an optimum longevity protection and a deep, intense gloss.


SONAX Polymer Netshield Coating is a Hybrid Polymer Based Coating that binds to your paint for long-term protection, giving it a hydrophobic effect and protecting your paint from foreign particles. It provides a deep gloss to your paint as well.


Available Signature Package Add-ons

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Evo Ceramic Coating

Add On Price:


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Ultimate Interior Detail

Ultimate Interior Detail

Add On Price:


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Multi-Stage Paint Correction

Add On Price:

+$200 - $400

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Glass Coating

Add On Price:


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Wheels - Off Detailing

Add On Price:


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