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Here at SiO2, we value your dedication to getting the best in Automotive Detailing.

Be it getting your ride rejuvenated and protected by us, or learning from our SONAX Detailing Academy, we'll be with you every step of the way.

In Partnership With:

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The SONAX Signature Detail defines what we expect to be the standard of any detailing work.

The Signature Package Includes

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The SONAX Ultimate Detail are for our customers who are meticulous about their prized possessions and strive for perfection.

The Ultimate Package Includes

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SONAX Detailing Academy

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Keen in learning the methods of Professional Car Care or embarking on a Professional Detailing career?

SONAX Detailing Academy is a professional detailing class organised by SONAX GmbH, headquartered in Germany. This is the only internationally approved and recognised detailing course available in Singapore. Conducted by an approved International Master Trainer and Detailer certified by SONAX GmbH, safe to say that you'll be learning from the best in the business.

At the end of the course, you'll be receiving an internationally recognised certificate issued by SONAX GmbH, as well as having access to preferential rates to SONAX Products upon completion.

We are also SkillsFuture Credits Eligible!


Kelly Lim

My car is white and paired with pure white rims, and the paintwork was in very bad shape when I approached the SIO2 team - my last detailing was almost 2 years ago, and the dirt has sunk in to the paint surface. The team has been extremely meticulous, and they have scrubbed off dirt even off places I didn’t think were dirty. The whole process including polishing and waxing took around a day and a half - and it was really cool to see my car loaded up on Autobahn’s famous car elevators to their white room for detailing. My Porsche Design Edition 2 Boxster S is now restored back to its former glory. Big kudos to the SIO2 team for their world class professionalism on this particularly difficult piece of work!

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